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Join Our Vision Board Workshop for a Transformative New Year!

JANUARY 15-19TH @ 11:11AM (EST)

Shawna Sellars- Spiritual Guide & Co-Creator of Goddess Power

Presented by Shawna Sellars,
Spiritual Guide & Co-Creator of Goddess Power

I'm Shawna Sellars, a beacon of energy and intuition in the realm of spiritual wellness. As a seasoned Reiki practitioner, the creative force behind the Naturally Divine Goddess Tarot, and the proud owner and co-creator of Goddess Power Boutique, I am on a mission to elevate your journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. Renowned for my highly intuitive skills, vibrant energy, and a resonance that transcends, I specialize in guiding individuals to unlock their inner Goddess or God Power, connect with their deepest wisdom, and embrace their authentic selves.

A New Year, A New You:
Craft a Vision Board for a Life Aligned with Your Deepest Dreams.

Welcome to our Vision Board Workshop – where dreams take shape and your aspirations become a reality. As we approach the New Year, there's no better time to embark on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation.

Workshop Details:

  • January 15-19th, 2024 @ 11:11am (EST)

  • Virtual Zoom Event

Discover the magic of creating a vision board, a powerful tool that fuses imagination with intention. This workshop is not just about cutting and pasting images; it's about guiding your inspired vision and setting intentions for a life aligned with Spirit and your highest good.


Practical & Magical: Experience the practical magic of transforming your aspirations into a tangible vision.

Blueprint for Your Soul: Craft a visual blueprint that reflects your soul's deepest longings and desires.

Alignment with Spirit: Set intentions that resonate with your spiritual journey, creating a life filled with purpose.

New Year, New You: Kickstart the year with clarity, focus, and a roadmap to your most authentic self.


Sarah W.

"The vision board workshop opened my eyes to possibilities I never considered. A truly transformative experience!" 

Don't miss this opportunity to set the tone for your year and create a vision that resonates with your soul. Join us for a transformative workshop that will empower you to manifest the life you truly desire. Reserve your spot now!

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