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Shawna Sellars-Reiki Practitioner


Peace & Blessings!

  My name is Shawna Sellars. I am a spiritual counselor, a Reiki practitioner, a wellness and beauty professional, an ordained minister and owner/co-creator of Goddess Power Boutique. I am known for my highly intuitive skills, high energy and vibrational presence, and of course my ability to guide you to your Goddess/God Power, inner wisdom, and authentic self. As a spiritual counselor, I love my career because I find it to be an honor to walk with people on their journey to emotional, spiritual wholeness and balance. I've been asked the question "What is a Spiritual Counselor?" Well, this is my answer, a Spiritual Counselor gives you an in-depth understanding of your situation and/or personal relationships.

  As a Professional in Wellness & Beauty, I practice what I preach and I am my own advertisement. I have a vast knowledge of beauty, nutrition, exercise, skills working with meal planning and training methodologies that GET RESULTS! My passion is making people look and feel beautiful and gorgeous both inside and outside!!!

How was Goddess Power Boutique created?

  Goddess Power Boutique is my soul mission brought to life. Goddess Power Boutique is a mirror of my personal belief in forces unseen. I believe in energy and in the reality that every person, place, and thing in our universe carries an energetic vibration. The products created by Goddess Power Boutique are made with divine intention and my energy remains with that creation and is transferred to you as my client. I meditate before I create any product that carries my brand name. I package and charge each product with moon energy to raise the vibrations and send love and blessings to each and every person.

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