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Elevate your daily skincare ritual with our Goddess Power Skincare Crystal Infused Daily Protecting Face Serum—a dynamic fusion of natural ingredients and the protective energy of crystals. Unveil your skin’s natural radiance while embracing a shield of holistic care that empowers and rejuvenates.


Key Features:

  • Argan Oil Brilliance: Immerse your skin in the silky richness of Argan Oil, a time-honored elixir that nourishes and restores. Experience a daily dose of luminosity and hydration.

  • Lavender & Lemongrass Bliss: The calming embrace of Lavender Oil and the invigorating notes of Lemongrass Oil come together to soothe, balance, and uplift. Your daily shield against stress and environmental challenges.

  • Tea Tree & Frankincense Defense: Tea Tree Oil’s purifying strength combines with the age-defying benefits of Frankincense Oil. Together, they create a protective barrier, keeping your complexion clear, vibrant, and resilient.

  • Geranium Grace: Geranium Oil, with its floral grace, works harmoniously to enhance skin elasticity and radiance. Unveil the beauty of rejuvenated and firmer-looking skin.

  • Carrot Seed Brilliance: Carrot Seed Oil, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, contributes to a healthy glow and helps combat the effects of environmental stressors. Reveal your skin’s natural vibrancy.

  • Clove’s Nurturing Warmth: Clove Oil, with its comforting warmth, adds a nurturing touch to your skincare routine. Experience a gentle cocoon that protects and pampers your skin.

  • Crystal Energy Fusion: Enriched with the grounding energy of Black Tourmaline, the stabilizing force of Tiger’s Eye, the rejuvenating power of Red Jasper, and the motivating energy of Carnelian. These crystals create a shield that aligns with your inner strength and vitality.


Embrace the daily journey to radiant and protected skin with our Crystal Infused Daily Protecting Face Serum. More than skincare, it's a holistic celebration of your beauty—powered by nature and guarded by crystals.



Argan Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Frankincense Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Geranium Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Clove Oil, Black Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Carnelian


To use, place 3-4 drops on clean palms, then rub both palms together & gently dab them onto your face. If you have dry acne prone skin, then dab it onto a damp face to seal moisture!


Use twice daily after cleansing your face.

Daily Protecting Face Serum

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