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What do I love about yourself? How do I honor my temple? How do I maintain a healthy lifestyle? How do I set attainable goals and accomplish those goals? How can I spark my passion?


Are you asking yourself these questions and coming up with no answers, no results that are sustainable? Are you in need of guidance, that extra push to get you started? This wellness course is just for you. Natural Love Power 8 Week Course will help to redefine, rediscover yourself,  fall in love with self and spark your passion through unity of mind, body and spirit


Natural Love Power 8 Week Course comes with a personalized exclusive kit. The exclusive kit includes: Natural Love Power Journal, Goddess Power Yoga Mat, Goddess Power 5lb Dumbbells, Goddess Power Water Bottle & Towel, Seed of Life Grid w/Crystals

This 8 week course consists of:

  • Weekly 1 on 1 Sessions

  • Personal Workout Sessions

  • Meditation Sessions

  • Weekly Intuitive Card Reading

  • Crystal Chakra Clearings & Rebalancings

***Please Read Cancellation Policy before booking***

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